The Lion King (update 1/10/2020)

Don will assign roles on Monday (1/13) during the read-through. We have 40 kids in the cast, so unfortunately not every child can have their first choice. Even if your child would have preferred a different role, or doesn’t have as many lines as they hoped, please emphasize that this is a musical and they will have lots of lines in many songs, and will learn lots of choreography, and are very important to the show!
Please remind your child to check in with the parent in charge in room 313 and get a snack before heading to their rehearsals:

  • Monday, 1/13, 2:50-4:30pm in room 313 with Don: (read-thru) All Cast 
  • Tuesday, 1/14, no rehearsal
  • Wednesday, 1/15, 1:50-3:30pm, EMS stage with Karen: (circle of life scene) All Cast 
  • Thurs, 1/16, 2:50-4:30pm room 313 with Karen:(Hakuna scene) Meerkats & Warthogs, Simba 2, Simba 3
  • Friday, 1/17, 2:50-4:30 pm room 313 with Ashley: (sing-thru) All 4th/5th Graders *Please pick up your kid at the old main entrance to the EES building by the parking  circle*

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